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December 30, 2010

Meet one of our fabulous wedding couples…Jessica and Dave!  We will be chronicling
their wedding journey from start to finish – we hope you enjoy the planning with us!
They are looking forward to their special day – May 7, 2011!!!

Let’s get started…one of my favorite places to meet with clients is Starbuck’s. 
Its amazing what can be accomplished there! As Jessica and Dave reside in NYC,
we scheduled numerous vendor appointments over three days – it was both
fun and productive!

The One!

Along with securing a wedding location, finding your wedding dress should
be at the top of your priority list since it takes at least six months to order!
After researching online and on foot, we found Jessica’s perfect wedding dress
(by Jim Helm) at Destiny’s Bride in Scottsdale (thanks Zoe!).

We were on a roll…Sister Stacy came across this gorgeous satin purple dress at
Twirl Boutique in Scottsdale!  Since its a May wedding, we will be shortening the
length of the dress.  Tip to brides…purple pops in photographs and many
bridesmaids can wear that color.

As their wedding color scheme is purple, pink and light blue, this tie was
clearly the winner! Jessica and Dave had a great time shopping
for his attire! We love when our clients are having fun!

Our initial floral appointment with Avant-Garde Floral Studio went great.  I always suggest to brides
to bring visual aids so they can best describe what they like…and what they don’t!
Amazing ideas can come from anywhere!

Stay tuned…more updates on this wedding coming soon!

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December 29, 2010

Just thought I would share my loves…

Love my kiddos!

My kids give me a ton of inspiration everyday! A special thanks to photographer Keith Pitts for his amazing talents!

And I would like to personally thank Starbuck’s for getting me through daily life!

Makes me so happy everyday!

Starbuck's rocks! Venti anyone?

I heart running…marathons, half-marathons and 10K’s over the past 20 years…

A recent half marathon with friends...

1st Annual Women's Half Marathon with friends - what a fantastic race!

My true indulgence…luxurious spas! And we are fortunate to have many amazing ones in the Valley!

Ahhh...quiet, relaxing me time!